Why you should participate

Inspire Action. Empower Change. Advance Sustainability

Showcase your success

The Sustainable Business Awards gives recognition to successful initiatives among
a global audience of potential partners, investors, employees and customers.

Get Valuable Insights

Get an insight of your sustainability footprint. Every participant will receive a personalised insights report indicating a) your own footprint: overall and across twelve pillars – affirming current efforts or shaping future goals b) industry trends within country, sector, and across region c) peer comparison to identify competitive advantages.

Enhance your brand

Endorsements by the Awards have been found to enhance the company’s brand and competitive positioning in their industry, creating a massive opportunity for differentiation and investment opportunities.

a select network

The SBAs invite participating companies to be part of a select network of sustainability minded corporate universes.

increasing regulations

As legislation and laws have moved towards increasing reporting and compliance requirements, regulators and asset managers have implemented mandatory sustainability reporting frameworks to compel increased businesses sustainability.