The Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) uses a state-of-the-art process developed by an international team with over 15 years of experience in a wide range of business awards, benchmarking and metrics.


The Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) is arguably Asia’s only award series run by a firm wholly committed to sustainability and which comprehensively assess corporate sustainability programs.

A highly sought after resource, the Awards is a unique and important resource of businesses, positioned to increase awareness of sustainable business best practices and demonstrate how sustainable business benefits companies, our environment, and all stakeholders. Today and for the future.

Since 2012, the Awards has been held in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), industry associations and government agencies recognising corporate leadership in 12 categories, including sustainability strategy, community, energy
and water management, supply chain, and ethics among others.

With activities across the globe, in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand, the Awards continue to gain popularity and significantly enhance brand value for our winners.

The SBAs are being significantly upgraded in the value they create.

Apart from recognising excellence and enhancing the brand value of the winners, the awards will now allow each participant to obtain a comprehensive view of their own sustainability preparedness as well as their positioning vis-à-vis their peers.

Showcase your success

The Sustainable Business Awards gives recognition to successful initiatives among
a global audience of potential partners, investors, employees and customers.

Get Valuable Insights

The new format offers a comprehensive view of their own sustainability preparedness via an Insights Report, based upon consumer perception and designed to align with global reporting standards. This will confer an ability to assess their competitive positioning vis-à-vis peers.

Enhance your brand

Endorsements by the Awards have been found to enhance the company’s brand and competitive positioning in their industry, creating a massive opportunity for differentiation and investment opportunities.

enhanced user experience

Our new platform is designed to significantly ease user experience. a) Customisation: data collection is tailored to each sector and acknowledges the size of participant; b) Multiple Users: link can be shared within company to facilitate completion; c) Context: descriptors are embedded to ensure consistent understanding; d) Easy Choices: drop-down menus with far fewer open-ended text.

increasing regulations

As legislation and laws have moved towards increasing reporting and compliance requirements, regulators and asset managers have implemented mandatory sustainability reporting frameworks to compel increased businesses sustainability.

12 Categories

The Sustainable Business Awards are presented across 12 categories, which cover some of the most significant challenges facing companies, communities and economies.

Strategy and
sustainability management



Energy Management

Water Management

Waste and material productivity

Climate Change

Supply chain management

Land use and biodiversity

Business responsibility
and ethics

Stakeholder engagement
and materiality

United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals

Submission Guidelines

Click here for more information on the specific breakdown of SBA sign up guidelines and category definitions (country-specific).