As we aspire to be drivers of change, the SBA supports causes that champion women empowerment and conservation efforts in the countries we operate in.

A cornerstone of Global Initiatives’ mission is to ensure that we move beyond theoretical discussions and articulate clear pathways to create meaningful outcomes and solutions to sustainability’s greatest challenges. As part of our commitment to sustainability and creating an impact on a global scale, through the SBA, Global Initiatives has identified a number of causes that we will be supporting. 

Through the Sustainable Business Awards, we endeavor to support causes that champion education and sustainability which have actual social impacts around the ASEAN region. We achieve this by contributing part of the Assessment fees collected from the participants towards a sustainability program or cause.

Here are the causes we are championing for this year’s SBA 2020/21:


Green Growth Asia Foundation Logo


Green Growth Asia Foundation (GGAF) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Malaysia to provide a platform for leadership, thought and action in responding to sustainability challenges in Asia.

GGAF — a pioneer in the field of education for sustainable development in Malaysia, has been involved actively in the Eco-Schools Programme since 2016 through the hosting of Eco-Schools Melaka, before expanding their reach to Kedah, Perak and Kelantan.

Eco Schools Melaka
Eco Schools Kedah

The Eco-Schools Program

The Eco-Schools Programme is dynamic in its approach and aims to make young people aware of the environmental and sustainability issues that face their local school and community. The programme seeks to make a real life connection for the young people through the projects they undertake that will have a lasting impact on their attitude towards the environment, and in so doing, make them an ambassador for green issues – for life!

The Eco-Schools Programme is an environmental education and certification programme that encourages schools to take a holistic approach when addressing environmental management and conservation issues that are faced by the school itself as well as the local community surrounding it. It is an ongoing programme that schools participate in each year.


About WWF-Singapore

WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

As one of WWF’s international hubs, WWF-Singapore supports a global network spanning over 100 countries. We help protect Singapore’s essential needs through the actions of individuals, businesses and governments in the region. To meet key conservation goals, we address issues such as deforestation, haze pollution, food security, sustainable finance, sustainable consumption and illegal wildlife trade.


People are at the heart of a sustainable future.WWF-Singapore works with schools in Singapore as we strongly believe that through education, we can help build a sustainable future for Singapore. 

WWF’s Education programme nurtures future leaders for the environment by providing youth in Singapore the skills they need to create a positive change. In Singapore, they conduct leadership workshops and community activities to help youth understand the need for sustainable lifestyles while helping them spread the message and initiate action in the wider community.

Eco Schools

WWF School Programmes

In Singapore, WWF conduct school talks on Singapore’s key conservation issues, skills workshops on 21st century skills for students and teachers, along with complimentary education resources and activities for both in school and at home. 

They run the Eco-Schools Programme, a UNESCO recognised world leading Environmental Education framework. This programme equips students with essential knowledge and skills to make changes within their campus. 

The WWF Eco-Schools Programme focuses on student-led initiatives by supporting and empowering students to become leaders of change among their school community. It follows a 7-steps framework, enabling students with a self-motivated mindset, arming them with skills and responsibilities as a global citizen of the planet.

Eco-School Awards

For schools who have successfully implemented the WWF-Singapore Eco-Schools framework, they become eligible to apply for the Eco-Schools Awards. These awards help to provide recognition, charts and celebrate the journey of the student-led initiatives within the schools.

This year, Sustainable Business Awards Singapore will contribute to the school recognition awards by sponsoring the most prestigious category – The Eco-School International Green Flag Awards.