As we aspire to be drivers of change, the SBA supports causes that champion women empowerment and conservation efforts in the countries we operate in.

A cornerstone of Global Initiatives’ mission is to ensure that we move beyond theoretical discussions and articulate clear pathways to create meaningful outcomes and solutions to sustainability’s greatest challenges. As part of our commitment to sustainability and creating an impact on a global scale, through the SBA, Global Initiatives has identified a number of causes that we will be supporting.


In Singapore, we want to ensure that women empowerment and local conservation are at the forefront of climate action. We have chosen to support these causes because we believe that they are areas that are rapidly gaining prominence and shown to be crucial to the development of the world.

Women Empowerment

Kofi Annan, the 7th UN Secretary-General, once said that “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”. This comes in line with their Sustainable Development Goals in which the fifth goal aims for gender equality. 

By supporting women empowerment in the Sustainable Business Awards, Global Initiatives aims to encourage companies to develop their women and strive for equality within the business, achieving gender equality in the workplace.

Local Conservation

Despite its small size, Singapore holds rich biodiversity due to its equatorial position and tropical climate. As a “Garden City”, Singapore has to ensure that it preserves its local biodiversity while developing the nation into one that is both urban and green. Not only does Singapore hold rich terrestrial life, but there is also rich marine life in the waters as well. Conserving our local species contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals 14 and 15 which are, respectively, Life on Land and Life on Water. 

By supporting local conservation, Global Initiatives aims to encourage businesses to be more mindful in their operations, seeking to lessen their environmental damage and even going a step further by helping Singapore’s nature flourish in an increasingly urban environment.


In Thailand, we are committed to supporting efforts in waste management and empowering women in these emerging regions.

TerraCycle Foundation

TerraCycle is a global foundation established around the world with the aim of improving waste management in emerging regions. The Foundation hosts an inaugural event in Thailand whereby plastic is collected from rivers and canals before it can reach the open ocean.  

Through collaboration with locals to recycle these plastics and research institutions studying the issue of plastic waste in Thailand, TerraCycle works to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the region. A partnership with Blue Carbon Society to set up marine debris traps began in 2019 while efforts for inland programs are currently in the works.

Pratthanadee Foundation

Pratthanadee Foundation was established in 1999 to support women and girls in Thailand. The foundation hosts free training programs for over 3,000 uneducated and underprivileged participants in central Bangkok and rural Ubon Ratchathani every year. Their activities fall under two main programs: Better Me and Confidence to Stop Violence. 

Both of these programs aim to empower and equip the women and girls to be self-reliant and confident, helping them be better able to find jobs and secure livelihood of their own.