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What is the judging process?

Finalists will be selected from among all entries based on scores of the completed questionnaires and its supporting data.
These finalists are presented to the National Advisory Panel to give input on the final winners. Please check the Awards process here

Who makes up the National Advisory Panels for the awards?

The SBA National Advisory Panels comprise sustainability experts and leaders from different stakeholder groups such as the government, academia and NGOs, who are very familiar with the national business landscape.

What do winners receive?

The winners are recognized at an awards ceremony where they will be awarded a trophy for each category that they win.
The winners will be automatically considered for a licensing package with GI, where the individual companies will be recognised for their sustainability efforts via media coverage and visibility at the awards ceremony. Post ceremony, these companies will be featured on reputable news and media platforms to elaborate on their sustainability and CSR achievements.

What sort of publicity can SBA winners expect to receive?

The Awards’ public relations agency will generate national, regional, and local exposure for SBA winners through videos, online press, editorials and advertorials among others. Please see our media page for past coverage on previous SBAs. However, the types of media coverage for each SBA ceremony will differ depending on the country.

Who can be nominated or submit entries?

Any registered company in the country where SBA is hosted is able to participate.

When is the submission deadline?

The deadline to complete and return the SBA self-assessment questionnaire differ for each country and can be seen on the individual country pages.

Are there entry fees?

Participation in the SBA is free. Companies that are shortlisted for further assessment are required to pay a reasonable amount of fee towards administrative and third party costs if any. This will also make them eligible to receive a report outlining their sustainability performance and an element of peer comparison. Keeping to our commitment to sustainability, a certain portion of this amount will go to a charitable cause for positive social impact. Winners are also required to pay a brand licensing fee (i.e. digital media assets, marketing assets). For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Entry on each Country page

Are entry forms kept confidential?

Yes. The organisers ensure that only the authorized team and panel will review entries, and that information about nominees is not released to anyone else without prior approval.

When will the awards ceremony take place?

The exact dates of the awards ceremonies in each country can be seen on the individual country pages.