Sustainable Business Awards Malaysia

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**Closed for participation**

The 2019 SBA cycle has not begun yet. If you are interested in registering your interest please email your contact details to You will receive an email once the respective SBA is open in your country of operation. Thank you.



PwC Malaysia

PwC’s Sustainability and Climate Change team help organisations to look at the bigger picture, by striking a balance between staying competitive, driving innovation and preserving our environment.


We can help organisations understand which areas pose the greatest sustainability and climate change risks to their business, form strategies to address them, and support organisations through the necessary organisational changes and reporting processes.


We have an established and dedicated team of sustainability specialists with extensive experience in key focus areas such as strategy, carbon management, impact measurement and assurance and reporting.




Nova Fusion

Nova’s strengths are in concept, design and content innovation. With 70 staff, inclusive of some 47 designers we differentiate ourselves through our content advisory, advising on best practice reporting and latest Bursa listed requirements. In addition, our timely delivery, round-the-clock servicing, attention to production and detail in copywriting provides a powerful statement on our abilities to meet client’s requirements. Local knowledge, aligned with global experience ensures an added spice to everything we serve up.



Control Union

Peterson and Control Union offer innovative solutions to the increasing requirements of sustainable business. Our product knowledge combined with specialised services and transparent network of dedicated business units enable us reach out to all levels of versatile supply chains and provide concrete solutions. Our services include independent cargo surveying, superintendence, logistics, quality and quantity management. We cater to the standardization needs when it comes to product and system certification for conventional or organic products, management systems and sustainability programmes. We also work with brands, governments, NGO’s, individual companies, independent organisations and supply chains in assisting them to achieve their sustainability ambitions.



Awards Dinner

Date: 29 January 2019, Tuesday
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Hilton Kuala Lumpur
Cost per table (of 8): RM8,000

If you have been notified as a winner, please kindly reserve your table immediately through this link: