Sustainable Business Awards Indonesia

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CNN Indonesia

CNN Indonesia is a television station and news site belonging to Trans Media in collaboration with Turner International. CNN Indonesia is part of the strategy of Transmedia to expand their contents to news channel business. CNN Indonesia is combining a unique programming environment crossing their programming into Free to Air (FTA) platforms with simulcasting under Trans TV & Trans 7, as 24 hours channel in pay tv, live streaming on digital portal and also aggressively growing the audiences on new media platform.




The Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development

The Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD) is a CEO-led association of companies operating in Indonesia, that share a commitment to promote sustainable development through sustainable economic growth, ecological balance and social progress. The launch of this business council in April 2011 represents a new regional chapter of the WBCSD as it is the outcome of a joint effort between WBCSD and The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. IBCSD provides a platform for business to share and promote best practice in tackling risks and taking advantage of opportunities related to sustainable development. It also acts as a key partner to government and civil society providing business input and solutions for Indonesian policies on sustainability issues.




KADIN Indonesia

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) is the leading organization representing the interest of the private sector in the Indonesia. KADIN Indonesia seeks to establish a more inclusive and conducive business environment by expanding its consultative platform to all industries in order to be a more effective partner for national development and the creation of a well-structured, prosperous and vibrant society.




Control Union

Peterson and Control Union offer innovative solutions to the increasing requirements of sustainable business. Our product knowledge combined with specialised services and transparent network of dedicated business units enable us reach out to all levels of versatile supply chains and provide concrete solutions. Our services include independent cargo surveying, superintendence, logistics, quality and quantity management. We cater to the standardization needs when it comes to product and system certification for conventional or organic products, management systems and sustainability programmes. We also work with brands, governments, NGO’s, individual companies, independent organisations and supply chains in assisting them to achieve their sustainability ambitions.

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PwC Sustainability & Climate Change (S&CC) help companies across a range of industries understand sustainability challenges and their associated business impact. We can help recognise and quantify their sustainability risks, recommend and develop appropriate value added solutions and support the implementation of proposed organisational and operational changes.


We have an established dedicated team of sustainability specialists based in Jakarta linked directly to the global sustainability network. The team comprises experts in low carbon development, sustainable land use, green growth economics, assurance & reporting, sustainable finance, and governance. This team is supplemented by our expert teams across consulting in People and Change, Strategic Performance and Technology, Forensic and Security, and Financial Services Risk Management.



Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program

The Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP) is a philanthropic collaboration launched in 2017 to support the Kigali Amendment of the Montreal Protocol by focusing on the transition to energy efficient, clean cooling climate-friendly, affordable cooling solutions for all. K-CEP’s secretariat, the Efficiency Cooling Office, is located at the ClimateWorksFoundation.

For more details please visit, follow us at @Kigali_Cooling, or contact us at

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Awards Dinner

Coming soon! The 2018 SBA Indonesia Awards Dinner will be announced in due time.